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From Dish Deanna: During the holidays I always find myself over-doing it with food. I look forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations being over because I know that I can start fresh. This year I was so overwhelmed with cookies, cakes, chocolate, and dinners that I thought I was going to explode. I knew […]

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From Dish Jodi: It’s been hot here in LA. And though I love our hilltop house and big patio — a place to dip my feet regularly would sure be nice. It’s been a little bit of “Operation Find A Pool” and last weekend was no exception. Here’s a little technique I figured out. 1) […]

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From Dish Jodi: The husband just spent a long weekend in New Orleans with a bunch of his college buddies. I spent the same weekend crying through the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and hosting some lovely ladies over for a farmstand fresh dinner. After four days of hearing about nothing but Beignets, Booze and Gumbo, I […]

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